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JVC Everio GZMG21

23. 4. 2008













Product Description

From the Manufacturer
Just keep on shooting! Nothing to load, nothing to eject, nothing to finalize. Everio is designed to eliminate your worries. Just keep on shooting, because the built-in large capacity hard drive easily stores hours and hours of your video inside a lightweight compact camcorder. Plus shoot thousands of digital still images. So whether you're at home or on the go, you'll always be ready to record or playback your memories.

Smart Advantages of a Hard Disk Camcorder

No risk of erasing previous recordings by mistake. You won't ever record over those once-in-a-lifetime events. Recording starts automatically from the blank space on the disk.

No cost for or need to buy additional recording media. No tape or disc is required The Everio G Series provides an all-in-one solution, ensuring no interruption during long time recordings, so you won't miss a moment. No media to lose!

Easy deletion of unwanted scenes. So you don't have to worry about getting it right the first time, safely select and erase entire scenes in an instant to free up disk space. Use your camcorder with a freedom never before possible!

Direct access to scenes you want. No need to Fast Forward or Rewind. Just click on the thumbnail image and watch your memories come to life. Makes sifting through hours and hours of accumulated footage a breeze.

Simple editing is made possible inside the camera. Fast, quick downloading to your computer via USB 2.0. Drag and drop editing software provided for Windows and Macintosh computers.

Long-time recording to shoot hours of video on the large capacity built-in hard drive. Now you can record entire events such as vacations, sporting events and more, without worry.

More Everio GZMG21 Advantages

Compact and lightweight design
With a high-capacity 1.8-inch hard disk drive built into a compact body that weighs-in at less than 1 pound, Everio G camcorders are the perfect companion to record your moving and still memories. No tape, no disc. Experience the camcorder that's small, compact, with less to carry, and so easy to use.

MPEG-2 DVD-movie quality video
Get up to 25 hours of recording with 20GB internal hard disk drive. Using Everio's high-quality MPEG-2 data compression format, you can record DVD-movie quality video at a variable bit rate. The average bit rate is 8.88 Mbps with Dolby Digital audio for a superior video and sound quality.
The Everio's drop protection system keeps your camcorder safe

Hard disk drive protection and stability
To protect the hard disk drive from shocks and vibrations, Everio G camcorders incorporate the latest hard disk protection technologies, allowing carefree, active camcorder use.

Polymer shock absorbers
Floating suspension (shock absorbers)
Cushions the hard disk from vibrations using polymer shock absorbers.

16:9 widescreen shooting and playback
The 2.5-inch widescreen LCD offers a 16:9 aspect ratio for wide cinematic video shooting. Naturally the playback picture can be enjoyed in full widescreen dimensions on the LCD or on a connected widescreen TV. This clear LCD cuts surface reflections and glare to maintain a clear, visible, bright view.

Designed for Easy Shooting and Viewing

Stick control
Easily navigate through multiple functions with one-finger control. Everything from menu item selection to changing camera settings for recording and playback.

32x optical zoom with 800x digital zoom

Incredible 32x magnification with full optical quality. Digital zoom takes you up to 800x.

Power-linked operation
Automatically turns on the camera when you open the LCD so you can shoot right away, and turns off the camera when you close the LCD so you won't waste power.

Index/Data button
Gives you one-touch confirmation of disk capacity and battery life. Press the button to check the remaining recording capacities in all four recording modes. Press it again to check remaining battery and recording time.

Auto flash and sensitivity
Illuminate your videos with the Auto Illumi. Light. Everio G camcorders can automatically turn on and off the light or give you the control. What’s more, new video processing assures high sensitivity and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Data battery
Allows you to check the remaining battery power by % and remaining recording time in minutes at the touch of the Index/Data button, even while the camcorder's power is off!
Easy to Share

Easy video access

Easily locate your desired video clip by either thumbnail, date or event selection icon. The event selection icon allows easier management for your video and still files. Conveniently select the desired icon before or after you record. There are 30 preloaded icons that can be selected such as "Birthday". These category icons can easily open all files associated with the corresponding topic. The icons can also help in creating playlists for on-camera playback, downloading to a PC or burning to DVD.

Easy video viewing

DVD-quality picture on the big screen: Just hook up to a TV and enjoy Everio’s high-quality MPEG-2 video on a large screen TV. Play just the clips you want in the order you like, pre-arranged right in the camera into a movie Playlist. This can also be done with the provided remote control.
Simple AV and S connection for dubbing or making a DVD: With the AV cable (S-Video interface also available) connected directly to a VCR or DVD recorder, you can copy Everio movie clips and playlists as many times as you like to a VHS tape or DVD disc for easy sharing with a wide audience. Every copy’s high quality is the same.
Easy printing with PictBridge/DPOF support: With PictBridge, digital stills can be output to a compatible printer with just one cable connection. Also, DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) information lets you easily order digital printing of your shots from a photo studio.
What's in the box
GZ-MG21 Everio camcorder, AC power adapter, BN-VF707 rechargeable battery pack, AV cable, USB cable, remote control, shoulder strap, lens cap, and user's manual.

Product Description
With the JVC GZ-MG21 Everio Hard Drive Camcorder you can record all the great stuff that makes life more fun. Whether you're recording the family football game or your child's first play, the 1/6" 680k pixel CCD gets every part of the action. The 32x optical & 800x Digital Hyper Zoom lets you record every event, and the 2.5" LCD monitor lets you preview while you record. The built-in 20GB hard drive lets you record everything without having to carry tapes or memory cards; you can then transfer directly to a computer through the USB port. 470 lines of resolution 16 - 9 video mode (high-quality) Digital still capture (640x480) SD card slot USB 2.0 6x transfer rate Auto illumination light Power-linked operation Includes remote control PictBridge compatible Data battery (VF714) Multi-language controls (4 languages) Stick controller button MPEG editing, Cyberlink & Photo Navigator software included

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